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Pork Tenderloin – As the name implies, this tender, long, lean piece of meat runs along the spine. Cook on the grill or roasted in the oven.
Boneless Loin – The boneless loin is great for slicing into pork chops, roasting as whole pieces, or slow cooking on the bbq. Try applying a brine or using a rub before cooking.
Center Cut Pork Chops – Sold bone in with the rib, these chops are juicy and meaty. Char on the grill and serve with applesauce and greens.
Butterfly Pork Chops – A double cut boneless chop that is partially severed down the middle for stuffing or reduced cooking time.
Country Style Ribs – The meatiest variety of ribs, Country Style Ribs are cut from the sirloin end of the pork loin. Brush with BBQ and bake low in the oven covered in foil.
Boneless Country Style Ribs – Meaty with a nice amount of fat, Boneless Country Ribs are delicious cooked low and slow with BBQ sauce or your own rub.
Bacon (Not Pictured)- Cured and sliced pork belly makes one of the pigs’s most popular cuts. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, everyone loves bacon.
Pork Belly (Not Pictured) – The pork belly is a boneless fatty cut of meat that has many tasty uses. Can be cooked whole, braised, or turned to bacon or pancetta.
Spare Ribs – One of our most popular cuts! They are located in the belly region of the pig and are most commonly grilled or smoked.
St. Louis Style Ribs – The St. Louis Cut is a specific cut in which the rib tips are squared off of a spare rib. The squared off ribs offers more attractive presentation and quicker cooking times.
Rib Tips – The leftover portion trimmed from a St. Louis cut, the Rib Tips can be barbequed or smoked, offering a cheaper alternative to spare ribs and back ribs.
Baby Back Ribs – The “baby back” comes from a full grown hog, however the size and location give this rib its name. Featuring a loin section close to the spine and with smaller bones than a spare rib, the Baby Back is extra meaty.
Pork Steaks – Steaks cut from the pork butt (back end of the front quarter) of the pig. Pork steaks offer a cheaper alternative to center cut chops with immense marbling.
Pork Butt- Also called a “Boston Butt”, this cut is nowhere near the rear. It includes the top shoulder blade and tons of meat, making it the preferred cut for pulled pork. Great on the smoker or slow cooked on the barbeque.
Pig’s Feet (Not Pictured)
Ham (Not Pictured)- A ham is the hind leg of a hog. Available fresh or cured, bone in or boneless, hams are versatile and accommodate large gatherings.
Pork Shoulder – Also referred to as “Picnic”, this is the front quarter of a pig. This large cut is great for roasting for a cookout. Our shoulders feature the skin of the pig and are most commonly smoked.
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