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NY Strip – This loin cut steak comes from an area of the beef that does very little work, leading to an extra tender cut. This is the larger portion of the T-Bone and Porterhouse with the bone and tenderloin removed.
Tenderloin – This coveted cut sits beneath the ribs, next to the backbone. Appropriately named for its tender consistency, the tenderloin can be cut into filet mignon, tenderloin steak, or cooked whole then sliced.
Delmonico- This thick, round cut ribeye was made famous by the Delmonico hotel in New York in the 1800’s. Sear it hot on both sides and serve with sauteed onions. The Delmonico is a boneless cut of prime rib.
Top Round – The top portion of the rear leg of the beef, Top Round is great for roasting or cooked. Round steaks can also be cut and are often cut into smaller slices for stir fry.
Beef Ribs – Beef Ribs run along the “rib-eye” steak, making juicy and flavorful ribs that are extra meaty. Cook low and slow for more tender meat.
Boneless Country Ribs – While these are not traditional ribs, these big meaty strips of butterflied chuck are perfect to marinade to breakdown the muscle and finish on the grill.
Butterfly Chuck Roast – A double cut Chuck roast that is partially severed down the middle to create a larger serving portion. This roast is best cooked at a low temperature with a crock pot or oven.
Chuck Roast – One of the more economical cuts of beef, a Chuck Roast is great for slow cooking in a crock pot or braising. Cut from the shoulder area.
Flank Steaks – A cut from the abdominal muscles of the cow, flank steak features noticeable grain from being in a well-exercised area. It is great seared for fajitas or in a stir fry. It’s important to remember to cut across the grain when slicing.
Brisket – A large muscular cut from the chest of a cow, this cut can be corned, smoked, or braised. Available prepackaged in whole or flat cuts. Ronnie’s Meats features Grobbel’s brand of corned beef.
Ground Beef 80/20 – Premium fresh ground 80/20 is perfect for hamburgers, chili, meatballs, tacos, and more.
Oxtails – A bony, gelatin filled cut from the tail of the beef. Very flavorful, they are often braised and make an excellent base for stew.
Porterhouse – The neighbor to the T-Bone, the porterhouse is cut further rear in the short loin. Since it has a larger portion of tenderloin, this is considered to be a more premium cut than a T-Bone. Best cut thick and seared hot on both sides.
Prime Rib – This premium cut of beef is also referred to as a “standing rib roast”. A slice includes portion of the “eye” and “cap”. Rub with salt and seasonings and dry roast high, serve medium rare.
Rump Roast – Large cut from hindquarters of the beef. Best roasted, braised, or stewed for a duration to break down the collagen and connective tissue.
Short Ribs – These short cut beef ribs are very flavorful, and are best served braised or slow cooked to tenderize the meat.
Sirloin – A cut from the rear of the beef where the loin connects to the hip. It can be roasted or sliced into steaks.
T-Bone – The T-Bone is a classic cut stake featuring a small portion of tenderloin as well as a strip. Season with fresh cracked salt and pepper, sear it hot on both sides.
Ground Beef 90/10 from Sirloin – Our lean Ground Beef is made from fresh Sirloin. This is a leaner alternative than the 80/20 for the health conscious.
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